24. 07. 2011.

Basco Lighthouse, The Philippines

I better show all my cards from the last batch as the new one is coming tomorrow - i am always so excited when the mail comes from the land! I have done lots of tagging recently so i know there will be many great new cards to post here :)))
I got this lighthouse card via private swap with superfluffy - thanks Steph! I do love lighthouses, they are usually surrounded by a stunning setting - or they simply look imposing and strong; our guides to a safe haven. Here accompanied with the classic Philippine jeepney :)
Basco lighthouse is situated in Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines. The province is composed of 10 islands and is 162 km north of the Luzon mainland (190 km south of Taiwan). The photos i've found online are quite stunning, reminds me a bit of Scotland!

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