11. 07. 2011.

English Harbour And Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Another addition to my newest written & stamped collection comes from my dear 'sailing-friend' Ash, who went to Antigua and spoilt me with these two beautiful postcards :))) He actually didnt have time to post them, but a nice lady at the bookshop offered to help! Ash fell in love with Antigua immediately, and i can see why...The postcards show the English Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard. The latter is on Antigua and Barbuda's Unesco WHS tentative list, as a unique continuing cultural landscape that rose to prominence as a British Naval Dockyard during the turbulent years of the 18th century.
I was never crazy about these exotic places - you know the classic picture, sandy beaches, palm trees, cocktail in hand..! But ever since i started receiving postcards from the Caribbean i have to admit i am getting the urge to visit. Fingers crossed!

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