05. 07. 2011.

Ukiyo-e - The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

I was very VERY happy to receive this card, the famous Great Wave by the most prominent Japanese artist of the Edo period Katsushika Hokusai. It is in fact one of the series of woodblock prints named 'Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji', created in 1830's. This card was in my favourites for quite some time - which ended thanks to kyoto348/Junko, who sent it to me for my vacation RR host-group :)

I must add that I am a huge fan of Japan and all things Japanese! I would really love to visit Japan one day, and perhaps all the places mentioned in my favourite book 'Kafka on the Shore' :) I hope the country is recovering well from the recent disasters...our thoughts are still with you..!

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