01. 08. 2010.

Mini Middle-East Travels :)

Two years ago, after my first year working as a receptionist, I wondered what journey to undertake...I had saved enough money to visit another continent, but which one? I have considered USA, Japan and Sri Lanka as destinations...but my friend was in Africa and just about to finish his circle. 'Would you meet me in Egypt?' I asked. 'Well of course!'. Hurray! I cannot think of a better person to travel with so I was thrilled we are meeting up, in a place totally new to me.
So I asked my sis to book me a flight from Munich. I bought a new, proper backpack, travel towel, locks, Lonely Planet Middle East...and was on my way.
Of course I had a totally different itinerary on my mind when at home; then yet another on the plane; and another when landed in Cairo...even another when we crossed the border to Jordan! It was time versus money thing, and although I wish immensely that I was able to see Syria and Lebanon, we've decided to leave it for another journey and to pop down to Israel. No regrets there! I spent altogether a month in these three wonderful countries and regret nothing - well actually I do. Two things. I didn't ride a camel, or had a swim in the Dead Sea! Hm something tells me I should go back...;)

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