28. 08. 2010.

Last Stages Of Summer

Is it really, august finished already..?! Only 3 days to go! This summer season passed by so quickly, I barely felt it. I thought I had all this time to save money, make plans, do preparations and chores for the upcoming winter journey...now it almost feels like its right around the corner and i need more TIME. I sure do hope it won't pass by as quickly once on the road...
The quieter months are ahead and i have best of intentions to start learning spanish. Online. Maybe i better start following one or two of those daytime spanish soap-operas too...heh
During these quieter next couple of months i will also try (TRY!) to slow down with my postcrossing activities. Easier said than done eh? All those RRs, tags, private swaps...= an addiction. And am just starting with some exciting collections! So yea, i have this hunch you will be seeing me still, fellow postcrossers .....

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