01. 08. 2010.

August, the Mother of Ferragosto

Good morning August, I have been waiting for you...We are officially ahead of the busiest month of the tourist season, and I better learn some basics of italian. hm. But oh what a better way to start the day and the month but with a message that I won a lottery, yay! Time to think of one on my own...Only my resources are limited. As some may know, I am working at a marina reception in the National Park Kornati. It is a 5-month job which requires adaptation to specific modes of living: this has become my 2nd home. There are no residences here except for the marina staff, and the amenities are basic. The electricity is produced by the power generators and is not available in the afternoon hours or during the night; water is brought here from land in tankers; free days are once a month in average when I get to go home by a company-or a supplying boat. All that said, people here are great, easy to get along with, and I feel lucky meeting them all!
And how is this affecting my postcrossing? I have brought with me a bundle of postcards from my offers album (and then some) and when I get home I stack up on different stamps and aim at combining them. Unfortunatelly the philately shop in Zadar has closed down recently :( I am at the mercy of post-offices, where workers can be quite unhelpful; but generally if I go to the old post-office in Šibenik i get a good service :)
Sometimes I get so carried away (like last week!) that I run out of stamps much sooner than planned! Then I order some as usually someone from the crew here is on land and able to go to the post. That has its disadvantages though - I cannot choose stamps. Lately it doesn't make a difference as for Europe postcards they only sell this one stamp of Rijeka that they obviously have hoards of and want to get rid of it! This way I apologise for not being able to send different stamps...though I do try.
Ah and how did I come to telling this story...As receiving mail here is more difficult to send it! I can send mail by the company boat but cannot receive it the same way as its port is not my hometown murter. So it gets sent occasionally by the supplying boat - and today is one of those days! I am eagerly expecting my next 'shipment' :))) In the meantime, I will introduce you to my postcrossing middle-east journey.

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