31. 08. 2010.

Why Animals?

Animals are one of my favourite themes - there is hardly any kind that i don't like! well not esp fond of apes and monkeys, but even they can be cute and/or impressive - i guess my dislike comes from all the postcards i have seen with dressed up chimpanzees, and i seriously don't like animals being shown as humans! I always prefer photos of animals in their natural habitat (this is why i am not a big fan of zoo postcards either, depending. Or so called 'funny postcards'). Acquainted with this notion, my sister Marija (who lives in Bavaria, Germany) often sends me cool animal postcads; some of them with educational text on the back, some from the 'funny' category but she senses well what i can handle! heh. I will show some of my favourite animal postcards here :) a nice way to say farewell to august. pa pa!

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