13. 05. 2016.

Get Packed And...

I have no idea what make this car this but isn't it cute? I'd appreciate any hints...that front longitudal line looks very familiar for some reason. In any case its a romantic notion to ride around my country in it, though it must be an older model---its just small enough and of the right colour :) Spasibo Elena :)

Edit: as Ramón kindly informed me (gracias!), this is one of the ZAZ Zaporozhets,  rear-wheel-drive superminis designed and built from 1958 at the ZAZ factory in Soviet Ukraine - different models of the Zaporozhets, all of which had an air-cooled engine in the rear, were produced until 1994.
The name Zaporozhets translates into a Cossack of the Zaporizhian Sich or а man from Zaporizhia.

4 komentara:

  1. It is a ZAZ-965 Zaporozhets, made in Soviet Ukraine! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZAZ_Zaporozhets

    Regards! Ramón.

  2. oh thanks a lot, much appreciated!

  3. mene jako podseća na fiću :)