12. 05. 2016.

Benkovac, Croatia

This postcard was sent on the 7th of April, the day I passed my driving exam...I spent three months driving in Benkovac, a small town in Dalmatia's interior which I never have visited before in my life. Now I know every street, and yes every traffic sign...Oh but I haven't gone up to the fortress, now I realise! Just didn't have the time with the given schedule.
The town is quite old, even before the Roman conquest the area was inhabited, by the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians. In 1409 King Ladislaus of Naples sold his rights of Dalmatia to the Republic of Venice and the Benkovac area became a border region. New fortresses around the border were built - Korlat, Kličevica, Polača, and behind them Benković i Perušić - this postcard is showing Benković, which the name may suggest :) These days the town is known for its monthly agricultural fair.

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