25. 01. 2016.

A Panda Scene (and more)

I love this panda card because it looks like a scene in which each panda should have...you know those speech bubbles, and the one on the right would surely say something sarcastic looking at those two! Thank you Mengyao, pandas are always cute :) But especially on the video that was circling the social media in the last few days - a giant panda enjoying snow! Have a look if you haven't managed so far, trust me it'll make you happy just by seeing the fella happy :D

2 komentara:

  1. the one with his back towards the camera looks like the 'macho' type of panda bear, saying to the one in front of him 'hey babe, how about a date?', while she is all giggling and stuff...and the one on the right seems like it has some wrong timing, and is all, "OMG, that's xy's bf!! he is with another panda! omg, I must tell xy pronto! son of a .....!!!"


  2. haha only in my version the hidden panda is xy and wants zy for himself :D