01. 05. 2014.

Olive Grove By Van Gogh

Visit to the Van Gogh Museum last autumn in Amsterdam was a wonderful experience - as I love olive trees this was my first choice of a postcard :) Vincent van Gogh painted at least 18 paintings of olive trees, mostly in Saint-Rémy in 1889. At his own request, he lived at an asylum there from May 1889 through May 1890 painting the gardens of the asylum and, when he had permission to venture outside its walls, nearby olive trees, cypresses and wheat fields.
This particular painting came to life in 1889. I was very happy to realise the museum shop had some special stamps to sell - a whole sheet issued for the occasion of the reopening of the Rijksmuseum on 13 April 2013, showing details of works of art displayed at this great museum.

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