03. 05. 2014.

Green Greetings From Suriname

What a fantastic card! So green and, well, so reptiley :) Showing the  emerald tree boa, Surinam horned frog and Giant Ameiva (though not giant in itself, growing up to 50 cm). Now most of you will think among the three the boa is the bast*rd but hear this about the frog: they prey upon the other species of horned frog, and the tadpoles attack each other (and tadpoles from other species) soon after being hatched. Nice!
Happy 5th anniversary Cheryll, and thank you for celebrating by sending me this card, I just LOVE it :))

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  1. I don't like snake, seem slimy but I haven't touched a single on in my entire life, so I am only guessing ;) Have to admit that the green one is beautiful.