09. 05. 2014.

A Dutch Route

Here are the 3/5 of towns I've visited in Holland last November - Rotterdam, Gauda and Amsterdam.
Didn't really know what to expect of Rotterdam, in the end it was quite surprising to discover quirky architecture along the way, and that the Dutch have the shortest opening hours of any country I have yet been to :)
I've enjoyed tasting a Gauda menu in, well, Gauda :) But the cheese market depicted on the postcard had to be missed, as it is only manageable in the nice summer weather.
Lots to say about Amsterdam (not the least that I could easily see myself living in such a city), here the accent is on the imaginative river boats, someone's living space. Amazing postcard assortment (I even bought some magnets as there were sooo many to choose from) but they are not often seen on postcrossing.
Missing towns are Delft (beautiful! I wish I was there longer, definately going back) and Hague (wait...I thought I've sent one from there...pih)

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