03. 05. 2014.

Monkeys And Primates, Singapore

This one is curious, as it sez at the back of the postcard 'endangered species found in tropical forests of Southeast Asia', and it took some research...to find out the first one is a Tarsier (which I have already posted a great postcard of) which is not endangered on The Philippines but highly so on Sulawesi and some tiny other Indonesian islands. Now the second one...if I'm not mistaken is a Roloway Monkey, found only in eastern Côte d'Ivoire and the forests of Ghana. The last one is also not-endangered Squirrel Monkey from South America. The creature bottom left I haven't yet managed to identify...maybe a type of lemur as it has a protruding snout. So hardly a well-depicted postcard!
Nevertheless, I am happy its in my collection, thank you Lilin :) Lovely stamps too.

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