13. 03. 2012.

From Trujillo To Huaraz, Peru

The Moche civilisation in northern Peru existed between ca 100-800AD, and was noted for sofisticated gold and ceramics work, as well as monumental structures and irrigation systems.
Remains of an ancient Moche capital Cerro Blanco include Huaca de la Luna/Temple of the Moon, which is a large adobe brick structure presumably used for ceremonial and religious purposes.

Trujillo is a great base for exploring Moche temples (only 20% uncovered and already impressive!), as well as the Chan Chan archaeological site (Unesco).
I was amazed with all the history of Peru, which includes so much more than just the famous Incas! At the time i didnt yet collect unesco cards so have missed on sending cards like chan chan...but on the brighter side the lady at the post office was most friendly and helpful :D got some awesome stamps that i was afraid using in fear of losing thm, but these football stamps are just as cool (and applied by the postal lady, hence the upside-down overlap heh)

Another place not immediately associated with Peru, the grand Cordillera Blanca
(33 peaks over 5500 meters!)

We have stayed in Huaraz, the capital of the Ancash State - it is the 1st time i've noticed i'm short of breath cos of the high altitude, as the town is situated at over 3km-height. But we have gone higher from there: the beautiful Llanganuco lagoon in Huascaran National Park, and another WHS - Chavín de Huántar (Chavín culture dates to a millenium BC!). On the way to the latter the bus climbed to a mountain pass over 4km high, and on the other side we were greeted by an enormous statue of Jesus - one of the more surreal sights of the whole trip...
The local PO had new, fish stamps for me, yay :D

One more card i remember sending and that never arrived is from Lake Titicaca in Puno :( Sent another one to my friends back home on the same day from the same place, I do wonder how they got theirs and mine got stuck...:/ Of course I wish I was able to send many, many more cards, as we've also been in Lima, Cuzco and Arequipa...but this is brilliant too :))

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