15. 03. 2012.

UNESCO - Iguaçu National Park, Brazil

Which side of  the famous falls to see, when you have one day only and a hole in your pocket? I cannot remember why exactly, but we've chosen the Brazilian side...We've actually peeked into Argentina from Paraguay, with a candid intention to snoop around for a week or so...but then we realised the prices have gone up two- and threefold from our last info (read: 2yo-guide) so we just sweeped the north to get to the falls and continued back (can one do so?!) to Paraguay. A shame it is, but then again we wouldnt have seen that much anyway, and a separate trip (Arg, Uru, Bra, S.Chile) is definately necessary and planned for the future!!

Another great view of the Iguacu Falls, this time from the forum i.e. the favourite RR. Thank you Anita/hanitles for reminding just me how gorgeous these falls are! And the stamp reminds me of another memorable day on my trip, visiting Itaipú Dam.:D

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