15. 09. 2011.

Movie Stars Of The Silent Era

Louise Brooks (1906-1985)

Gloria Swanson (1897-1983)

Rudolph Valentino (1895-1926)

I am a big fan of the old Hollywood and the b&w movies - but it was only recently that i managed to watch some of the classics. Thank God for the internet and Blockbusters! :)))
Still, the list of must-see movies is still very long, esp of the silent era. I have a few on my laptop, but i sort of need to get 'in the mood', cos its heavy watching in this day & age, one's senses being used to completely different sound and pace. Right now, as relaxation from work and environment i trust the sitcoms and crime series to relax and entertain me :) winter is great for catching up with must-do lists!

These cards come from a postcard album which represents a collection of Alexandre Vassiliev, a Russian/French costume designer but also a passionate collector. As well as dresses and garments he also seems to collect photographs related to the history of fashion. This being only a bite off his enormous collection, i can only say 'wow'!!

Thank you Kate and Yana/Botwa for these additions to my collection, and the awesome stamps!
As you can see, some stamps from the 2nd card have been ripped off...i wonder how beautiful they were for someone to do that..! ah those postal thieves...

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