12. 09. 2011.

Belgian Beers

Another great card from the great Round Robin - straight from my album of favourites into my postcard box :) I have heard of Belgian beer, i mean it is THE beer to have - and yet i havent tried any..! ohoh but i am lying, i've just spotted one that i actually tried, the Hoegaarden! A few years back as i was working in Zadar my biggest joy was to go to this great supermarket which had things never seen before - among them, foreign beer brands not available in 'normal' shops. You see, Croatia produces its own quality beers, so there is not much need to err from the safe path ;) But i want to try many different things, and although am even not that keen on beer altogether, seeing all those bright bottles on the shelf  tickled my fancy heh.
Seeing this card has a similar effect! I wish i could try one new brand every day for the next few weeks..:)

Thank you natasha/SeaMaiden for looking into my favourites!
Very nice stamps too :=D

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