21. 06. 2013.

Arta, Djibouti


This fantastic postcard, my 1st written & stamped from Djibouti, was sent as a surprise by Salah, thanks sooo much! Btw he is on a true mission to collect one w&s postcard from each country, you can see his blog here with lots of great cards on display...and maybe you can help him in his quest..?
Arta is a town in southeastern Djibouti,  situated on the Mountains of Arta and famous for its mild climate. Also, in 2000 peace talks between various factions of the Somali Civil War were held in the city, resulting in the establishment of the Transitional National Government of Somalia.

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  1. i like surprises and i like the feeling of getting a postcard from a hard to get country too!

    i thought this postcard was dirty or someone spilled a drink on it, when i was planing to buy it :p but then i figured it wasn't! :P

    indeed it is a fantastic postcard :D it look like..... WOW!! an old postcard from hard almost unknown country! Magical card :P :D