09. 05. 2013.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The aerial view of Argentina's capital Buenos Aires with its extensive Parque Tres de Febrero in the foreground, situated in the city's largest neighbourhood (barrio) Palermo.
This postcard was received for a 12-12-12 date swap - the cancellation is wonderfully large and clean, but I have such trouble identifying the stamps..! They show Perito Moreno glacier and the southernmost city Ushaia, but there is no year of issue. Thank you Julio for this swap :)

3 komentara:

  1. The stamp depicting the Perito Moreno glacier was issued in 2005
    As for the other stamp, I have no idea of the year of issue

  2. thanks fabienne :) strangely when i look under 'argentina' and '2005' it doesnt show the stamp :/ i was thinking they could be from a same set...

  3. The 2nd stamp was issued in 2008
    Here you have the years of issue of these stamps "Sellos UP" (Unidad Postal)