16. 10. 2012.

The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands or Føroyar are an island group and archipelago under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark, situated approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland. The Faroe Islands have been a self-governing country within the Danish Realm since 1948. Faroese is spoken there, one of four languages descended from the Old West Norse language spoken in the Middle Ages (the others being Icelandic, Norwegian and the extinct Norn). According to official statistics from 2002, 84.1% of the Faroese population are members of the state church, the Faroese People's Church (Fólkakirkjan), a form of Lutheranism.
These are only a few of the interesting facts about this island nation! The postcard shows Gjógv, a village located on the northeast tip of the island of Eysturoy (2nd largest in the archipelago). The back of the card sez: In the village of Gjógv all streams are yellow. Then you look closer and see the stream of the lovely national flower the marsh marigold 'flowing' from the second photo towards the houses. Fantastic!
Thanks a bunch Jógvan :)))

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