09. 10. 2012.

Sint Maarten Overload

Remember me nagging about being unlucky when it comes to cancellations? Well it was 3rd time lucky with Sint Maarten - beautiful stamps and cancellations all in place, which caused ecstatic grins for days on end hahahh xD (pc-psycho). ThAnK YoU - you know who! You are such a good friend x

2 komentara:

  1. ahhh, dokopala si se pečata i markica iz sent Martena...i to vidi koliko!! i sve različite!! :jealous, jealous: ;)))))

  2. da nisu sve različite ne bi se tribala ovoliko umoriti skenirajući ;) ne žalin se, ali da znaš koliko se ja puta zelenin nad tvojin blogom...xD