05. 10. 2011.

Star Wars Stamps Card, USA

I was never caught by the 'Star Wars' virus but some of its iconic images make for a nice postcard :)
At 1st this one looked like just a bright mosaic of images and then i realised those are stamp-shaped! Did the US really issue this set of stamps..?! Oh yes they did - and this card is what the mini-sheet looks like - fab! The set of 15 stamps was issued in 2007, yet i've never seen any on a postcard, boo :( I can imagine its one of those cases with limited editions being sold out as quickly as you say 'cookie'. Or 'wookiee' heh. I'd love the stamp with Yoda, he's so cool :)
Thank you Erin/emotis for this great card! :))

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  1. nikad se nisam navukla na Star Wars, al ova razglednica mi super!! Bilo bi savršeno kad bi mi neko poslao taj blok markica!