04. 10. 2011.

3 Maxi-Cards, Australia

Australian Post issues some amazing maxi-cards dont you agree?! And a vast choice too! So i was all beside myself with excitement when i was choosing cards for a private swap with Xue/elena_sokolova :D tough task too..! In the end it was:

1. Fijian Crested Iguana - of course i cannot miss a new lizard card for my collection, esp this critically endangered fellow...! It resides in dry forest habitats of only three Fijian island (out of 332)! The main destroyers of its natural habitat seem to be feral goats..? Its green colour is absolutely amazing on some of the photos i've seen!

2. An unidentified object in space heh. The series of maxi-cards with theme Space from the year 2000 seems to comprise of 6 cards showing: launch site, astronaut, flight crew, spacecraft, terrain and robots (?!). Oh well i had to choose one..!

The 3rd card is from the RR, showing the poster image for the Australian movie Jedda, made in 1955.  It is most notable for being the 1st movie starring two Aboriginal actors, Robert Tudawali and Ngarla Kunoth. Judging by the synopsis its quite the sad story...:(

Thank you Xue for these great cards :)

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