04. 10. 2011.

Kaj Stenvall

Ei hyvältä näytä - It Doesn´t Look Good, 2008

Unen hiljainen portti - Sleep´s Silent Gate, 2009


As i love having all interesting illustration examples, i made a swap for these two Kaj Stenvall cards :)
To me the 1st one is as spooky as its title..! Looks like a tranquil careless scene, until you notice the  large fin underwater, brr. I am one of those people who dont feel too comfortable in the body of water if something is swimming, or indeed even just lying beneath them...
The 2nd one, i've just discovered, is originally much brighter red - which enhances the contrast and consenquently has better effect...
Thank you Rita/jenta for this double swap, am happy to have Stenvall here :)

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