07. 05. 2012.

Iguanas From Curaçao

Iguanas are herbivorous lizards native to the tropical central America and The Caribbean. The more common of the two species of the genus is the Green Iguana, also popular on postcards :) Lesser Antillen Iguana is an endemic species and also threatened cos of predators, hunting and lack of habitat. More of a reason to want a card with it - but for now i am simply thrilled to have these green iguana cards sent from a new country on my list!
Cheryll of Suriname was so kind to ask a friend to send me these cards after i proclaimed my love for the creatures :) Thank you ever so much Cheryll, and to your anonymous friend! xx
Although sent at the same time, one postcard has been sent with a Netherlands Antillen stamp and the other with Curaçao stamp - the former doesn't exist anymore and the latter started issuing stamps in 2010.

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