11. 05. 2012.

Views Of Melbourne, Australia

It is a trial enough to try and update all the current swaps...and then there are so many cards that I've received over the years, before blogging and during the winter breaks - I hope to manage to post at least a portion of it...! Recently I've re-discovered a huge pile of cards that Ash sent me from his travels and time spent living & working in Australia. He really was generous! So here are some glimpses of it :)


Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia, and capital of Victoria State. It is situated in the large bay known as Port Phillip, at the estuary of the Yarra River. The city was founded in 1835 and officially declared a city by Queen Victoria in 1847.

I was lucky to be able to live in this great city for three months in the winter of 2005/06 :) It is vibrant yet very relaxed...always something to do but the image of a hectic urban hub escapes it. Moreover, it is surrounded by beautiful nature, there are opportunities for short day trips aplenty! AAhhh lately I have been getting signs that I should go back...Thats just not fair, how do I find time and resources..?!

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