16. 06. 2011.

Yuri Gagarin

Thanks to RRs on the forum i've come into possession of these wonderful cards showing the best-known Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin :) I love the fact that i have a card showing him 'at work' and another in a much more leisurely manner. A big thanks goes to Olga (snisa) and Sveta (orange_froggy)!

Yuri Gagarin was the first human to journey into outer space in his vostok spacecraft, and complete an orbit of the earth, on april 12, 1961. he was only 27 years old! He must be one of the most popular people from Russia - a household name :) My parents have memories of his endevour, and to them it just sounded unbelievable at the time that the man was actually travelling thru space!
Unfortunately his life story didnt end happily...in 1968, while on a routine training, his MiG-15UTI crashed near the town of Kirzhach. his body was cremated and the ashes buried in the walls of the kremlin on Red Square in Moscow. Behind he left his wife Valentina and two daughters Elena and Galina. And a legacy never to be forgotten.

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