15. 06. 2011.

Mount Rushmore National Monument, USA

II have realised lately that, despite having many cards from the US, i miss many of the landmarks of this vast beautiful country. I was delighted to get Mt. Rushmore card as it is one of the places on my to-see list! And this is the greatest photo of it i've seen so far (except for the one where a person is descending Lincoln's nose!), because it encompasses the whole mountain, and the red hues are gorgeous. well my mum thought its a bit eerie heh. But i cannot imagine anyone would dispute the grandness of the monument..!

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is situated near Keystone, South Dakota. It was sculpted by Gutzon Borglum, and later his son - the construction lasted from 1927-41. The carvings are 18m high and 1745m above sea level, representing the 'first 150 years of american history' or rather the most notable presidents of that period: George Washington (1st president), Thomas Jefferson (3rd), Theodore Roosevelt (26th) and Abraham Lincoln (16th president).
Thank you FloridaGirl for the swap :)

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