29. 06. 2011.

More Awesome Australian Animals

I've been home for a week - which is almost a luxury at this point as the tourist season is definately picking up. It was great to see my family as they all gathered from different directions (Zadar, Gars near Munich(Germany)) and to finally go to a music festival - prefectly lead by Jamiroquai and Arcade Fire :))) and not least important, i got some reeeally nice postcards. so here they are!

From a private swap with Heather, again great Australian cards - and this time with two very special creatures :) I have always been amazed by platypus, ever since i was a kid. When i was in Australia, i was very excited and impatient on the day we went to the Healesville Sanctuary, cos i knew i will see a platypus for the very first time! But i could only watch them swimming in their tanks...as opposed to my experience with the tasmanian devil :) We were in Tasmania on a 4-day car trip, and one of the awesome places we visited on the way was an animal shelter, where i had my closest encounter with australian cuties - i got to pet a koala and a tasmanian devil (who was very timid while in caretaker's hands!) and held a veeery cuddly wombat :)))
Ahh i could go on and on about these things..........heh
Sadly the number of tasmanian devils dicreases, among other reasons because of cancer :(

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