14. 06. 2011.

UNESCO - Canaima National Park, Venezuela

This is what i missed when i returned home (too early) from my trip to South America! My dear friend was so kind to send me my 1st written & stamped card from Venezuela :) i am just missing a cancellation! it travelled for three months, i was so happy when it arrived XD

La Gran Sabana (the great savanna) is situated in the south-east Venezuela, extending to the borders with Brazil and Guyana, and is part of the second largest National Park in Venezuela, the Canaima National Park. The park, with its size of ca. 30 000 square kilometers, is the 6th largest national park in the world.  It lies on a plateau and is dotted with huge table-top mountains called tepuis. Its main attraction is surely Salto Angel (angel falls), the world's highest waterfall; this postcard shows Salto Aponguao. (so little info online for such grand falls).

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  1. As usual, when a postcrosser ask for comments in their blogs, first thing I do is look if Venezuela is on the list ^___^

    It's my homeland, but I moved to another country 5 years ago.

    Also, I think the postcard with donkeys, maybe correspond to some place in the Venezuelan Andes. Maybe Mérida or San Cristobal.

    Best wishes.

    Arianne (Saouri at Postcrossing).