22. 10. 2014.

Embera Woman, Panama

Every now and then I look for swaps on official postcrossing site, browsing the countries in search of people who are open to private swaps...the score so far hasn't been the greatest, people often disappear or are overwhelmed with all the requests. Not this time though! Muchas gracias to Cesar Augusto, who has chosen this portrait of a woman from the river Chagres area in eastern Panama belonging to Emberá people (also known in the historical literature as the Chocó or Katío).
Wonderful! :))
On a sadder note, the scanner at work is dying a slow death...I have a feeling I contributed to that with my at times incessant scanning of postcards :/ Why oh why now when I was about to do the last batch before I go home for the winter?! Time to shop for a scanner I guess...

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