17. 04. 2014.

UNESCO - Xinjiang Tianshan, China

Tian Shan is  a large system of mountain ranges located in Central Asia; in China being in the northwesternmost autonomous region Xinjiang.  Xinjiang Tianshan presents unique physical geographic features and scenically beautiful areas including spectacular snow and snowy mountains glacier-capped peaks, undisturbed forests and meadows, clear rivers and lakes and red bed canyons.
You may not recognise at first (well I didn't, but maybe its not a norm!) but this is a view of a lake - Tianchi or Heaven Lake of Tian Shan which lies on the north side of the Bogda Shan range of the Tianshan Mountains, about 45 kilometres east of Ürümqi.
Love it love it love it, thank you Jarod Xia! :)

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