20. 04. 2014.

UNESCO - Begijnhof In Bruges (Flemish Béguinages), Belgium

The Béguines were women who dedicated their lives to God without retiring from the world. In the 13th century they founded the béguinages , enclosed communities designed to meet their spiritual and material needs.
This is the beguine (begijnhof) in Bruges, originally dating from the 13th century - meanwhile  the last begijn has passed away, and today residents of the pretty, whitewashed garden complex include a convent of Benedictine nuns.
Such a wonderful peaceful place...I have also visited one of the Ghent beguines Our-Lady Ter Hooyen but unfortunately there were heavy repairs going on at the time of my visit...Still, great experiences!
Aaaaaaaaand...this is my 1000th post, wow its sounds a LOT. But I guess I had time to invest in the last...how many years? 3 years and 9 months, yep :) Let's keep it goin'!

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  1. Congrats with postcard nr 1000!!! And I'm happy it's one of my country.:D