24. 04. 2014.

Basilica Of Saint Anthony Of Padua, Italy

To fill up the void of the days off, an oldie showing an aerial view of the grand basilica in Padua.
Padua is a city and comune in the Veneto region, northern Italy - and its Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua is a place of pilgrimage by people from all over the world. The construction of the Basilica probably began around 1232, just one year after the death of St. Anthony, and was completed in 1310. I visited on a school trip some...18 years ago, ouch. Difficult to even remember! :)

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  1. Haven't been in Padua, visited only Florence and have to admit that the Florence Cathedral overwhelmed me, and I am pretty sure it would be the same with this one.

  2. You have also some postcards from Poland. That's nice since I live there so far :) In July I am moving out to London and in september I am going to study at the university. If u are interested I have a blog where I describe my emigration and studying in Great Britain :)