20. 04. 2014.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Beautiful portrait of the Vietnamese communist revolutionary leader and former prime minister (1945–1955) and president (1945–1969) of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam).
Also beautiful Year Of The Horse stamps, I love orange/pink combination of colours :) Thanks so much Mu Chu!
The stamps are my contribution to this weeks Sunday Stamps theme zodiac. I wish to bite my elbow, I have a gorgeous astrological cover at home that would have been perfect for today! Its a toughie having life devided between two addresses ;) You can check other entries:

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  1. These stamps are wonderful. Me too, I like the colours; it's an strange but succesful combination. By the way, I also love the postcard.
    Have you changed something in your blog? It seems new to me... :D

  2. Thanks for the comment - and to reply, despite my usual habit to change things constantly (i always think i can do better) i havent done so with the blog in the long while..! ;)

    1. Really? So I don't come here so often as I thought or I'm loosing my memory... :P

    2. maybe you can stop by more often ;) i certainly hope your memory is not the suferer in this story!

  3. Hurrah for the year of the horse.
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  4. What a wonderfully happy postcard. I'm enjoying the different Year of the Horse stamps, love these horses in the clouds.