26. 09. 2018.

Autumn In Québec

After a long hot summer the autumn is finally here, literally arrived to the date...Where I live it sadly doesn't display all these wonderful colours, but instead a strong chilly wind is the main 'culprit'. Canada seems awesome during this time of year. Still on to-visit list...
On a side-note: don't you just 'love' it when there are such great stamps on the postcard, but no proper cancellation? Instead crossed out with a black marker...groar.

2 komentara:

  1. Quelle jolie carte aux couleurs automnales et quel dommage que de si jolis timbres aient été massacrés au marqueur ! Cordialement

  2. Canada Post is among the chief offenders, along with Royal Mail, when it comes to destroying stamps this way =/