09. 04. 2018.

That's Amore

It so coincided that I was looking into some older postcards to post today, and also came across Ana's entry for Sunday Stamps which is about letter H. In this case H stands for 'Hrvatska', which is the native name for our country Croatia. Some philately enthusiasts might be interested in the fact that the light blue stamp at the top is the very first stamp issued in modern-day Croatia, back in 1991. The rest of the stamps were issued in 1992, and I feel very pleased to have all these on postcards - them being from the time when my main hobby was writing letters rather than exchanging postcards. One of my penpals from Zagreb liked sending postcards with love theme...such postcards are hard to find these days, if impossible. 
I haven't participated in Sunday Stamps (link) for quite some time, today it was more of a lucky chance, I hope to make a habit of it again. I am sure there is more interesting H-stuff to check via the link, I mean I know there is ;) 

4 komentara:

  1. 'Hrvatska' confused me completely the first time I saw it on a stamp.

  2. I'm always intrigued to see the first stamp issued by every country, and why they chose so.

    Welcome back to the Sunday Stamps! :D

    1. Thank you Eva :) I guess I failed to write about 'why' - its about first established Airmail connection between Zagreb and Dubrovnik

  3. I always like an airmail stamp. a nice choice for a first stamp.