15. 09. 2014.

UNESCO - Virgin Komi Forests, Russia

A wonderful presentation of Virgin Komi Forests came via an Unesco tag - a silent Sharyu river bend with the representative boreal forest, complete with two matching stamps on top. Thank you Elena :))
The forests are  found in the Northern Ural mountains of the Komi Republic (the size of the republic is 9x Croatia);  at 32,800 km² it is the largest virgin forest in Europe,  belonging to the Ural Mountains taiga ecoregion. Dominant tree species include Siberian Spruce, Siberian Fir and Siberian Larch, while the most prominent mammals are the reindeer, the sable, the mink and the hare.
Its mind-boggling to think of all that vast untouched nature...Imagine someone dropped you right in the middle...a blessing or demise?

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