08. 12. 2015.

The Nyakazu Fault, Burundi

In the last scanned lot there are a few new countries in my collection, actually quite a few posties that I misplaced during the summer - I seriously need to tackle this problem of forgetfulness..! This reminds me of that terrible period when I was receiving mail with missing stamps for months on end...here at least one of the two was left in place.
I have Mike to thank for this view from Burundi - so-called German Gorge, but is in fact the Unesco tentative list's the Nyakazu fault. Beware, this is google translating the french bit! 'The fault Nyakazu opens with depression Kumoso. It is a notch in the massive Nkoma overlooking the plain and extends to the border with Tanzania. This flaw is of recent tectonic origin and covers 600 ha. It presents an exceptional structure and there are historical remains of Fort German.' Voilà ;)

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