15. 12. 2015.

Faces Of Bayon Temple, Angkor, Cambodia

I love this card, esp after seeing the temple with my own eyes :) It was sent to me by a friend who traveled there a few months before me, like a nice preview.

So when I was there I decided to wait to get to Phnom Penh to send postcards, thinking there would be no problems finding postcards and stamps and mail boxes, after all it is a capital. We were there for one day, and it was a long walk from the hostel to the main P.O., where I got just before closing time. They had a philately section (yay) but they only had one kind of stamp (?!) so I bought those. I asked the annoyed lady working there, more like a rhetorical question ' There will be mailboxes in the centre of town?' to which she replied 'Uhm no, you have to come back here tomorrow with your mail.' Darn. We just had no time. Our bus to Laos was leaving early :/ So we spent the evening writing postcards, as our hostel receptionist said 'sure just leave them here we'll take them to the PO', and they never have arrived...Sad story, not so much for me as for a few dear postcrossing friends I wanted to send postcards to...So next time the first chance for sending cards is the right one! 

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