03. 04. 2015.

Spring Is Coming

And what does it mean for my blog? It means that also the new tourist season is on its way, and I am back at my work desk and have a scanner at my disposal...normally I'd use three smilies to finish that thought, BUT as it happens the old almost-kaputt scanner still hasn't been replaced, sniff.
Over the last five months I've managed to post ocassionally because I had (and indeed still have) older scans, many of them representing UNESCO sites - and what I've learnt is, I need more different views of many sites that I already 'have' and have crossed off my wishlist. Oh my! It just doesn't seem right to show only one view when there are like a dozen (or more) interesting features to be presented under one UNESCO site description. Right? :)
Moreover, once again I was surprised at the number of cards I've swapped for/received over the winter, as I had the feeling I was making quite a few pauses...I am happy to say, that number comes near a few hundred :D There was the unfortunate story with stamps being torn off the postcards/envelopes in my mailbox, and I was on the verge of sending out all of my postcards and call it quits...honestly! My complaints to the head PO seemed futile, and the person I was dealing with in the whole matter didn't seem to care much...And then I went away for a month. To my surprise, the mail I received and was waiting for me at home was all intact. Is the stamp thief really gone for good?! I do not dare to rejoice, not even after a month...But my faith in the postal system has (if only temporarily) been restored, and I have arranged many new swaps lately. Fingers crossed ;)
Oh yes, my brief plunge into the statistics has shown that 1 in every 10 cards was damaged.

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