05. 04. 2015.

Mail Around The World!

It is only recently that I've started considering special postmarks - I used to get them from time to time on some of the postcards and covers, but I am not living near any philately office, sadly. When I checked the programme of issuing special cancellations on the official Croatian Mail site, I realised most of them are being used in the central post office in Zagreb...I was hoping there would be at least a bit more variety re: locations. Even when there are other locations, they are still quite far away. But I was in Zagreb last autumn just in time to ask for this special cancellation on the new stamp of the same theme - celebrating 100 years of birth of Ivan Generalić, a notable Croatian naïve art painter :)
I love naïve art! Perhaps not in every form, but this kind originating in a small village of Hlebine in northern Croatia really appeals to me. My great wish is to have one of those paintings on my wall someday :)
The choice of the card was purely accidental - once in the PO I was browsing their postcards to see if there is anything I'd like to have in my collection, a single example of this card was hidden behind many that I didn't like, and I LOVE it! <3 p="">

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