14. 08. 2014.

Chevy On The Beach

I have been lazy updating...life on the island has become such a routine, with every day being the same and just flying by...its the peak of the tourist season, ports are busy, and the sky is (mostly) blue like on the pic - though truth be told it has been a weird summer so far, weather-wise. Probably the rainiest in a while. Well I am on my way to use a couple of days off! *waving*
P.S. This classic car looks like a Chevrolet to me, but I am not really sure..!

4 komentara:

  1. Yes, that is a Chevrolet, a 1955 model. A very beautiful and classic auto. And guess what, just yesterday I received a postcard from your Cuban trip, also showing an old American auto, also a Chevrolet from the early 1950's. Thanks, my first postcard from Cuba!

  2. wow!! i have totally given up on the chance of it ever arriving..! thank you for the info :)

  3. Hi Agi,
    Wow, I sure would like to have a vacation just about now when I saw your post that you are currently staying on an island – I imagine you’re at a tropical vacation.
    Since I like animal-themed stamps, I cross-checked the bird stamp you have here on an online stamp catalogue I usually visit, and I found it issued in 1989, July 28. It is a 6-stamp set entitled "Brasiliana '89" Stamp Exhibition. Rio de Janeiro. Birds. The scientific name of the bird is Harpia harpyja.