14. 08. 2014.

Chevy On The Beach

I have been lazy updating...life on the island has become such a routine, with every day being the same and just flying by...its the peak of the tourist season, ports are busy, and the sky is (mostly) blue like on the pic - though truth to be told it has been a weird summer so far, weather-wise. Probably the rainiest in a while. Well I am on my way to use a couple of days off! *waving*
P.S. This classic car looks like a Chevrolet to me, but I am not really sure..!

4 komentara:

  1. Yes, that is a Chevrolet, a 1955 model. A very beautiful and classic auto. And guess what, just yesterday I received a postcard from your Cuban trip, also showing an old American auto, also a Chevrolet from the early 1950's. Thanks, my first postcard from Cuba!

  2. wow!! i have totally given up on the chance of it ever arriving..! thank you for the info :)

  3. Hi Agi,
    Wow, I sure would like to have a vacation just about now when I saw your post that you are currently staying on an island – I imagine you’re at a tropical vacation.
    Since I like animal-themed stamps, I cross-checked the bird stamp you have here on an online stamp catalogue I usually visit, and I found it issued in 1989, July 28. It is a 6-stamp set entitled "Brasiliana '89" Stamp Exhibition. Rio de Janeiro. Birds. The scientific name of the bird is Harpia harpyja.

  4. hi kevin, well not as exotic as you may imagine, but then again i always have to explain extensively because people never believe me at first that there is NOTHING here heh