11. 08. 2013.

Jack Daniel's Old No.7

As I havent blogged for a little while and missed last week's Sunday Stamps I've decided I should post something today no matter what..! This week's theme is Colourful Stamps, and I am starting with this delicious raspberry wonder from Finland ( there was a pink-theme a while ago too that i had to miss ). I am a big fan of JD, I wonder how these two would go together..?!

3 komentara:

  1. I like the Jack Daniels with the honey flavour :).
    The raspberry stamp is pretty.

  2. oh yes i have tried it recently, i thought i'd gone to heaven! :))

  3. I know you meant to focus on the stamp (which is delightful), but I, too want to comment on the whisky! I haven't tried Jack Daniels,but I like Scotch, and am thinking about looking for whisky-theme postcards. I want to thank you for showing me that they exist. Now I will start looking for my own!