07. 04. 2013.

St. George's Church, Podgorica, Montenegro

What a gorgeous setting for a church! St. George's is Podgorica's oldest and prettiest church, placed between fragrant trees at the foot of Gorica hill. Inside the simple structure, the dark 16th century nave is adorned with 19th century icons and frescoes.
This is one of the first postcards that I have received from my dear postcrossing friend Rajko - I've chosen to post it today because the current (#117) Sunday Stamps' theme: minerals, rocks, geology, environment. The enlarged stamp is perfect for the 'environment' section I thought - one from the set of two 'Naturshield 2009' showing Plav Lake, a gorgeous glacial lake at 906m-altitude and more than 2km long. A plaster on the plant reminds us that nature needs protecting...
In addition here is another triangle mineral stamp from Ukraine, from a set of 6 issued in 2010 (showing agate, one of the most versatile minerals :) 

 Also, Croatian Post has issued two mini-sheets with local minerals, one in last year and one in 2010: here is the latter, showing limestone from the island of Brač (which again is the source of world-renowned marble), and agate from Lepoglava area (north-west Croatia).

So I have ommited rocks, but thats such a wide concept I am sure we can have it as a part of a subject again some time soon :) (my previous post can be an addition to 'geology' theme, if you wanna check it out :)). Great theme this week, I love it! And I am happy that I can contribute. See what others have done, lots of wonderful posts!!

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  1. My goodness, such lovely stamps for today's theme! I like the agates so much. Thank you for joining in this week.

  2. Beautiful stamps! I love the sticking plaster on the plant - nice touch. :) The minerals are superb too.

  3. The mineral stamps are wonderful, I don't think we have ever had any like that on GB stamps. I've sent you an email re. my sending you a postcard :)

  4. thanks guys - and now i am looking forward to next sunday, so much to show :)))

  5. Besutiful stamps and a lovely postcard!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Can you please add the links to two of my blogs at:
    I can also help you with your missing country Pakistan and also a couple of Pakistani UNESCO sites too ;)
    I am myself collecting UNESCO Sites. So what can we swap?
    If interested, please leave me a message at my blog and I will get back to you :)

  6. Great stamps! And I don´t only say this because I´m married to a geologist ;-)