25. 08. 2012.

Octopus In Hanauma Bay, Hawaii, USA

I think octopuses are among the least attractive but the most fascinating creatures. Try finding out more about them - you just can't stop gasping and wowing! Mine was a similar reaction to this photo as well, its amazing isn't it?
I was surprised to learn that all octopuses are venomous! One of them, blue-ringed octopus, is even deadly to humans. The largest is the Giant Pacific Octopus, which has an arm span of up to 4.3 meters, brr. I've once seen a TV programme about octopuses' intelligent behaviour, and was flabbergasted with their possibility to squeeze through the tiniest holes..!
I was so happy to arrange a swap for this card, thanks Julia :)

edit: ok i was criticised because i didn't mention how tasty they are..! hehh. when done right, its delicious ;)

3 komentara:

  1. dalmatinka, a ne spominje kako li su tek ukusne :P :D

    bredivna razglednica, btw

  2. istina istina, evo ispravila san! :P

  3. ahahah, ne mogu da vjerujem da sam tako uticajan da se zbog mene prepravljaju postovi :))) :P