16. 04. 2012.

YOTD - Hong Kong

Another great dragon card, this time from Yuen from Hong Kong! I must admit i enjoyed these yotd swaps being mainly with people with whom i swapped before :) this card has prepaid postage but also the 'fiery' additional stamp, which on the closer inspection looks bizzare - would love to know its meaning..!
Yuen was describing all the joyfull things people do to celebrate Chinese New Year's, and now i want to witness it myself somewhere, anywhere in china..! I think i would especially look forward to food, yum :)

This card is supposed to be torn along the lines, but i dont trust myself to do it. I think i may damage it, or that it will become 'just a card' then - i think i'd much more prefer it as a postcard. but i AM curious heh. Thank you Yuen - and if you ever read this, perhaps you could tell me if i should have opened it straight away..!

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