08. 09. 2010.

Living With Movies

There are hardly any better ways of spending time on a cloudy, windy day than watching a good movie or two...as september approached such days became more frequent (today a jugo of almost orcanic proportions).
On the island we have one TV in the commune kitchen - sometimes the signal is bad, sometimes the kitchen is full of over-excited card-players which makes it hard to concentrate, sometimes the movies are late and we only have power till midnight (sometimes longer, depending on activities of those in charge, but that is unpredictable). Not that there are many great movies on telly anyway! But every now and then i am sorry to miss something. Like Erin Brokovich the other day - that was during daytime, but we don't have power in the afternoon hours either..!

So. Would be worth investing in a decent laptop. I have an external HD full of movies back home, and a tiny dvd player with no USB port here. When I go home i burn films onto dvds and watch them here. But that is also feasible only when there's power, as the battery doesn't last the length of an average movie. There is also a 'decent' laptop at everyone's disposal but its battery lasts even less! Some strange magnetic field messing everything up eh...maybe an UFO burried deep within.

I love all kinds of movies, but my favourites are still: the coen brothers, ingmar bergman, british, eastern (asian) and french cinema, hollywood b&w classics, anything quirky and/or obscure...when it comes to modern blockbusters, i'll always choose a mindless rom-com over mindless teenage comedy, and that over mindless action :)
I love getting any kind of postcard related to the movies and movie stars, esp. black&white, old movie posters...a small collection ensued :)

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