04. 09. 2010.

GEO - In The Realm Of Ice

 Polar Bears -  mother with her cubs - in canadian Wapusk National park, Hudson bay.
(Photo: Thorsten Milse)
For the younglings its the toughest job on earth to climb the snow mounds. All the important life lessons they need to learn from their mum.

With their white fur polar bears are perfectly adapted to their arctic surroundings. When they prey on their favourite food (seals) they also try to hide their conspicuous black nose.

 Harp Seal -  pup in icy nursery (Photo: Bernd Nill)
Each year harp seal females give birth to their pups on the pack ice of the Magdalen Islands in Canada. The mothers nurse the pups for only about two weeks before leaving them stranded on their own. ( :( )

 Western Rockhopper penguins (Photo: Solvin Zankl)
A group of penguins is bracing itself against storm in their windy homeland, the Falkland Islands. Only half a meter in height and weighing not more than 3 kilos, this species of penguins is among the smallest, but also incredibly resistant.
Anyone seen 'Happy Feet' or 'Surf's Up'? ;)

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